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Yachats -- GEM of the Central Oregon Coast


I fell in love with Yachats in 2000, bought a house and moved in 2001

My Skillset

My friend Sawyer Bernard at Yachats FarmStore



· Managed ecumenical faith-based community service organizations for 30 years: 13-state Appalachian region; local   Metropolitan area of Buffalo, New York; mult-state of Utah, SW Wyoming & Western Colorado and statewide in Oklahoma.

· Graduate level masters education in research and planning with focus on regions and local communities.

· Special training and certification to work with organizations and congregations in times of transition, as “Interim Leader” to create new visions and plans.

YACHATS, a special place like no other:

· My late wife Marie Green and I fell in love with Yachats in July 2000 while camping at Beachside State Park. Captured by the “spirit of Yachats” we were invited to the Yachats Music Festival at the Community Presbyterian Church where we quickly became first-name enthusiasts with artists performing in most top venues worldwide;

 found the cities “Vision 2020” online and quickly saw this is the kind of community where we want to retire; 

discovered volunteers provided the leadership and energy to implement the Vision 2020 and most important everyone was accepted, respected and provided opportunity to just “be” who they wanted to be, without past identities.

· I enjoy serving as a volunteer greeter at the Visitors Center. During one 3-hour shift last year, I welcomed visitors from five different countries. 

· I created two Facebook pages to function as the community “digital water fountain” where citizens can share. The first “open” group, YACHATS COMMUNITY now has 6,700 members, persons who also fall in love with our place and want to stay up with “goings on.”

 Needing a place for actual residents to talk together, I created a “closed” group YACHATS VILLAGE INFORMATION AND SUPPORT which now has 525 members who reside in our zip code. 

· I consider it a great honor to serve the community as a Yachats City Councilman. I am a good listener and I am always anxious to hear the concerns and the exciting new ideas you have for our village.

My Passions



My life's work is to inspire personal greatness in others, while growing spiritually on my journey.

From a very early age, I have been about the task of pulling together ideas, possibilities and people – helping each person I encounter to excel mentally, physically, artistically, and spiritually so that together we may contribute to the Common Good --- “BE” the change we want to see in our world.

This passionate desire to help others has connected me with many really awesome people; thus, CONNECTIONS UNLIMITED ---Connecting & Empowering people to MAKE a DIFFERENCE in our world & in the lives of people around them!.

I believe that " The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. " (John Schaar, futurist).

I know that "Great teaching” is not just imparting knowledge but more importantly, it is about moving us into action

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